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Acadia Performance Training Inc.

The System:

The Acadia Performance Training system aims to focus on building a better, healthier, more injury resistant athlete to allow them to athletically dominate their sport. The concurrent style training program focuses on improving movement, explosive power, linear and lateral speed, functional strength, functional core training and high intensity conditioning. All sessions are created with a group atmosphere in mind. This allows for an unparalleled team training environment where athletes learn to work together and push each other and themselves. Athletes are closely supervised by coaches with a premium put on proper technique and safety.

The Workout:

Within a workout at Acadia Performance Training each athlete will be exposed to a full array of techniques to develop the necessary improvements in athletic performance 

  • Flexibility/Mobility: Foam rolling, static and dynamic stretching followed by activation to awake dormant muscles
  • Speed: Running mechanics, Linear and Lateral Speed and change of direction skills 
  • Explosive Power: Olympic Lifting, Medicine Ball Work, Jumping and Landing Techniques
  • Strength: Full body functional strength. This allows for greater power, speed and injury reduction. This is where we add to the athletes 'engine'
  • Functional Core: We don't train sit-ups or crunches. We train the core with the idea of absorbing, producing and transmitting more force!
  • Conditioning: High intensity training which allows for efficient training of the energy systems and gives our athletes the edge to outlast!
  • Recovery and Nutrition: We provide our athletes tips and advice to extend the effects of their training



There will be a minimum of 1:6 Coach/Athlete ratio for each session.  This will allow us to have timeslots with a wider range of ages. However, some groups will be closed to specific ages.

Training Programs

ProgramLocationDatesTime SlotsPrice

2017-2018 Winter High School Program

1 Day High School Train to Train - Thursday DetailsHigh Performance Centre Jan 8 to Feb 8, 2018Th: 5:00pm, 7:15pm
1 Day High School Train to Train - Tuesday DetailsHigh Performance Centre Jan 8 to Feb 8, 2018Tu: 5:00pm, 7:15pm
2 Day High School Train to Train - Tue/Thur DetailsHigh Performance Centre Jan 8 to Feb 8, 2018Tu, Th: 5:00pm, 7:15pm