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Acadia Performance Training



This page will help answer some frequently asked questions about our training, or service. 

If I miss a session, can I make it up?

Answer: We generally try not to allow make-up sessions, except for extenuating circumstances.  The goal is to treat physical training on the same level as sport training. If an athlete misses a game or practice, they can't make it up. We feel physical training should be held to the same standard. From experience, the athletes that are most consistent with their training get the best results.  

If there are extenuating circumstances, we will work to find a time to make it up.  The one restriction is we won't allow it to happen during timeslots that are already full.  We want to make sure everyone receives quality coaching and attention.

Can sessions carry over?

Answer: Sessions can't carry over to following blocks of training.  A specific number of training sessions need to occur in a specific timeframe to get the desired result.  If there's too much delay between, training results are lost.  We also want to keep our athletes accountable, to ensure results.

Are progress reports are available?

First, if you want to know how your athlete is doing, please contact me, and we'll be able to let you know from what we see & record. 

Right now, we don't do any formalized test/retest with most of our APT athletes. For one, the research around training shows that especially for athletes that are just starting to train, they experience improvements in speed, jumping ability, strength, and conditioning pretty quickly.  

Second, part of testing is to ensure accountability in a population that may not be 100% bought in.  Since our APT athletes come willingly, they all want to work hard.  Contrast to our Varsity athletes, they have to come and train, even if they don't perceive it as valuable. Testing acts as an extrinsic movitation for them.  We'd rather they be intrisically motivated like our APT athletes.  

Third, it seems kids these days are being scrutinized/tested/pressured more and more. We know testing causes anxiety in some athletes, and would rather they come in, train and be praised for their hard work.