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Acadia Performance Training

Acadia Performance Training was founded by Acadia University Strength and Conditioning Coach Elliott Richardson in 2013 with the goal of supporting the development of athletes in Nova Scotia. All training sessions are run through the High Performance Centre at Acadia University as well as on the track and turf at Raymond Field. 

Acadia Performance Training offers the most comprehensive performance enhancement programs. Learn about them HERE

The tag line #Train #Compete #Win forms the basis of the philosophy of training. 



Training is the foundation to improve athletic performance.

At Acadia Performance Training we teach our athletes how to train properly and provide them with sound exercise selection to enhance athleticism. This helps set them apart from the competition.



Competing is part of what is learned through training at Acadia Performance Training.

Our athletes improve more than their physical skills. Once a foundation of training has been established they learn how to push themselves and work harder then their peers.


Winning is the end result of the process that takes place at Acadia Performance Training

When an athlete has a foundation of solid training and competitive spirit they have an unmatched level of resources to allow them to succeed long term not only in sport but in life!